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Hillary  Parker

Hillary Parker

Hillary Parker Biography

HILLARY PARKER is a naturalist and international award winning botanical watercolor artist with paintings exhibited and sold worldwide.  She has enjoyed a duel career of teaching and painting for 25 years.  She works full time to keep up with the requests of private and public watercolor commissions, juried exhibitions, lectures, international workshops, botanical art classes and solo and group shows with galleries and botanical gardens that represent her.

Teaches Workshops Worldwide: --- New York Botanical Garden - Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Australia - Botanic Gardens Geelong Australia - Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Memphis Botanic Gardens - Filoli - Coastal Marine Botanical Gardens - University of Delaware - North Carolina State University - ASBA Local Chapters - Annual ASBA Conferences - Resorts/Spas/Country Clubs

Invitational, Juried & Award-Winning Botanical Exhibitions: --- The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation - The Horticultural Society of New York - The New York Botanical Garden - The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society - The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - Friederic R Weisman Art Museum - Royal Botanic Garden Sydney - Royal Horticultural Society, London - Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne - The Pacific Science Museum - Longwood Gardens - Kew Gardens - Ursus - Filoli

Worldwide Commissions --- Singapore - El Salvador - Canada - Japan - Argentina - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Mexico - United Stats - South Africa - Bahamas

Hillary Parker Description

The Rhubarb painting, by Hillary Parker is being offered on the secondary market.  The gallery handled the original sale of the work and we are once again able to offer the painting, at the request of the estate.  This and a Giacometti, Walking Man print are part of the offering.  

Hillary's paintings are approached as a botanist.  She competes in international competitions and her work is often judged by a jury that will go over her painting with a jewelers loupe to make sure every stroke is perfect and that nothing has been over painted.  When she is working on a commission, at one of the gardens or for institutions, she is usually given a laboratory where she will gather samples and thoroughly research the origins, genetic makeup and growth of her subject before she starts to paint.    

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