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Oil on Canvas (6-works)

Jane  Hartley

Jane Hartley

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KNOT PLAY SERIES                                                                                                                          A collection of paintings that continues to take a look at the complicated subject of knots, and visually translates it as a play on words.

The recent addition KNOT ON THE HOOK is defined as being caught or involved in a difficult situation, often involving risk.  It's a situation many golfers have experienced that can often affect the outcome of those interesting side bets made during a round.  It's definitely better not to be on the hook.  The painting uses golf hats from some of the top courses around the world - Muirfield ~ Pine Valley ~ Pebble Beach ~ St. Andrews Old Course.

"Knots are more numerous than the stars; and equally mysterious and beautiful..."John Turner

The subject of knots is immense.  Jane Hartley decided to have fun with the subject of knots.  Her series of paintings is based on some loosely agreed upon knot categories as determined in "The History and Science of Knots" by JC Turner and P van de Griend,.....and a play on words.

A string around a finger, a rubber bank around a wrist - we all need to remind ourselves at some time or another that there's something we have left to be done - something to finish up.  This painting is intentionally unfinished.

 Knots are a prehistoric phenomena predating the wheel, and are man's oldest and most useful technical and decorative devives.  Many archaeologist suggest that knot work is fundamental to human development.  Their origins are ancient, every civilization has used them, and they are just as important today.  Without knowledge of knots and rope work there could be no cloth woven, no nets made, no craft could sail.  Knots are among man's first tools; often task specific - they were used to construct bridges and houses, determine time, calculate business deals and keep tally.


Jane Hartley combines a background in graphic design and an appreciation of the Old Masters in her traditional style still life and figurative paintings.  A graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Fine Art, Hartley was involved with the creation of award winning graphic design while in the corporate world, and then went on to paint for private collectors.  Her artwork is largely influenced by 17th and 18th century artists, and her interest in Dutch and Flemish art led her to study the techniques and formulas of the Old Masters.  She often uses hand ground pigments, lead primed surfaces, black oil and glazes, which lend to the richness and luminosity of her work.  

In her still life paintings, she enjoys exploring the significance of object symbolism to engage the viewer to go beyond the the surface - to see a subject from another perspective -  to perceive something differently and even develop their own narrative based on their individual beliefs, culture, environment and/or state of mind. 

Hartley is a Signature Member of American Women Artists, and a Juried Member of the following: American Society of Traditional Artists, International Guild of Realism and Oil Painters of America.  She has been displaying her artwork for more than 30 years, and her paintings are in private, corporate and museum collections in the U.S. and abroad.  After living many years in St. Michaels on Maryland's Eastern Shore, she currently resides on St. Simons Island in Georgia.


2015  American Women Artists Master & Signature Member Exhibition, Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ

          10th International Guild of Realism Juried Exhibition, Principle Gallery, Alexandria. VA

         OPA 24th National Juried Exhibition, Cutter & Cutter/Brilliance in Color, St. Augustine, FL

2014  "I See A Pattern"Exhibition, The Vendue, Charleston, SC

       "Coded Messages", Exhibit of New Work, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ

        9th International Guild of Realism Juried Exhibition, Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC
       American Women Artists 17th National Juried Exhibition, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA

2013   "Flora, Fauna & Far East", Solo Exhibition, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ

2012   American Society of Traditional Artists, Juried Exhibition, Open Range Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
       "Knot Play", Solo Exhibition, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ
       Wetlands Institute Wings 'n Water, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ
      Two Maryland Artists, William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ

2011  Two Artists, Two Approaches, South Street Art Gallery, Easton, MD

       OPA Eastern Regional 2011 Juried Exhibit, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA


"Colorfast Women", William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ
American Women Artists 2010 Juried Exhibit, Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX
Members Exhibition, Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD
“The Figure”, South Street Art Gallery, Easton, MD
“Winds of Change”, South Street Art Gallery, Easton, MD


    International Guild of Realism, Juried Member
    Oil Painters of America, Juried Member
    American Society of Traditional Artists, Juried Member
    American Society of Portrait Artists
    American Women Artists, Signature Member

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