I’m an artist and instructor/creative coach. I’ve spent many years painting outdoors, what we call “en plein air”, which is a fancy french term that means “outdoors”. I have a huge passion for nature having grown up on a river right next to the ocean with nothing but islands and wildlife behind my house.  My background is in illustration (35 years) where I worked in almost every medium and style you can think of… except maybe egg tempera and marble.

As an instructor, I am taking my years of acquired knowledge from illustration, graphic design, plein air, teaching Critical thinking and the aforemetioned topics and morphing them together in my work and with what I teach. I give people a way to access the creative spirit and broaden not just the way they paint but the way they think.

Museum exhibits:

Society of Illustrators Museum, NY

Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Fl

Laguna Museum of Art, Laguna CA

Naples Museum of Art

Academy Art Museum, Easton MD

Thomas Center for the Arts, Gainesville FL

Maitland Art Center, Maitland FL

Orange County Regional History Center , Orlando FL

Alexander Brest Museum, Jacksonville FL

Tallahasee Museum, Tallahasee FL

The Museum of Florida Art and Culture, Avon Park FL

The Museum of Florida Art, Deland, FL


Bentley Fine Art Publishers, Harcourt, Harlequin, Hyperion, HarperCollins,

Scott Foresman, St. Martins Press, Penguin, Putnam-Berkeley, Rand-McNally,

Scholastic, Tor Books, Winn-Devon Fine Art Publishers.