VITALY BORISENKO  -                                                                                           "Apothecary"                                                                                                                                        16" x 20"                                                                                                                                     $1,200.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

​Born in Kazakhstan in the former USSR (few hours from China), having Russian parents with Ukrainian roots, holding Russian citizenship, I moved to Vitebsk, Belarus in 2001 where I attended High school #4. In those years I learned basics of drawing and painting with watercolors and passed my school exam in Arts.

At that time I also gathered skills in computer design and Flash-animation. In 2006 as a participant of a team of 5 I got the 1st place in a Europe-wide contest of Multimedia presentations sponsored by Siemens AG (Germany) with a project about Mark Chagall, world-wide famous artist born in Vitebsk.

After the school I studied the subject of my biggest passion, foreign languages, at the Vitebsk State University. At that time I traveled several times to Germany, worked as a school teacher for two years and as a translator and interpreter in my home city as well as in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

In March 2014 I started a new page in my life by moving to Pennsylvania, United States, following the American spirit of freedom and individual expression. The new life offered new opportunities. After creating some drawings I got a chance to try myself in oil painting, something I always wanted to do.  Since that time he continues painting with oils in realistic style, learning from books, online video lessons as well as from advices of experienced artists. Since recently Vitaly is resident of Lititz, PA and explores the discipline of Daily Painting, painting every day, exclusively from life and in one sitting (“Alla Prima” approach).

Although my life before was totally connected to languages (nowadays I can speak Russian, Belorussian, English and German. I also took classes in Polish, learned on my own basics of Dutch, Spanish and Italian), my new big hobby is rather a continuing of it.  What I have understood while learning painting, arts have a lot in common with languages. Arts are languages of this world. And painting is the visual language of it. Some paintings appear to be like your mother tongue – simple and understandable. Others need to be learned first, just like a language.  If you never learned Chinese, you will hardly understand it and probably will not be able to say a word. Same is with some art styles, think about Impressionism or Cubism.

The role of the artist is to be a translator of nature, her interpreter. He tells the story through shapes and colors. He is also a creator. Just with one brush he can in a minute create a landscape with sky, trees, lake or anything existing in reality or in his imagination.

And just like an interpreter has to understand the subject he is working with, so the artist has to study and understand the subject of his artwork.  Vitaly’s paintings are executed in classic representational manner. His artwork is featuring mostly still life with antique items, kitchenware and food, as well as Plein Air landscapes and structures. At the current stage Vitaly is working on Belgian linen canvases, which he is stretching himself, as well as on custom prepared linen panels. He is proud to be using only professional materials to ensure the archival quality of his artwork.