MEREDITH J. COPE     "Last Chance"      16" x 12"       $1,150.       (Available for presale)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The subject of Meredith’s work is primarily related to the exploration of multiple levels of cohesive depth.  In watery images, layers of reflection conjure up symbolic references to both the known and the unknowable truths of being.  Truths of oneness with all life, of how to move through life with simple harmony, and that we need only follow our own “flow.”  Images of water, koi, and light reach into our collective memory and reveal these truths to us again and again.  Her paintings bring to the forefront this connection, reminding us that bliss is our natural state and assuring us of our own limitless possibilities.

Meredith’s work reveals an understated incandescence that is both contemporary and classic all at the same time.  Like truth, there is a timeless quality about it—classically skilled renderings of form, composition, and movement; but with the immediacy of Impressionistic color and light.  The liberties taken with viewpoint and scale relate very strongly to the very concept of expression that are undeniably her own.  Her style places her in an artistic realm that is somehow dream-like, almost Surreal; yet real in essence, an ethereal memory from a far-away place; yet entirely familiar.  The result is a vision that resonates with the viewer long after viewing.

Meredith’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally—from Maine to Charleston, in Seattle, Nashville, Georgia and Ohio.  Her participation in a New York show led to being chosen as the guest artist for the Lisbon International Contemporary Exposition 2014.  She presently enjoys a presence in Hawaii at the Third Dimension Gallery and at Desert Mountain Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ .  She now resides in Atlanta, GA. 

Her book, The Gift of Koi, can be seen on Through paintings, poetry, and prose, you will share in the insights and heart-felt beauty of Meredith Cope’s vision—tender reflections on the power of what nature and art bring to our lives.