JOHN GAMACHE - "Dan Holiday, Leather Craftsman" - 24x18" - $6,500                                                                                                   Available for presale but will remain through end of show 12.16.17


John is currently working in oils on linen, producing still lifes, landscapes and portraits. John works in a traditional style of painting.

His early training was completed at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts and at Southeastern Massachusetts University. He spent 30 + years working as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, publishing companies and corporations. Within the last several years he has returned to showing his personal works to the public.


If I come across something interesting that could be focal point in doing a still life, elements of the past—old, cast-off objects,—objects in run-down barns, and abandoned houses. I use these objects I collect to infuse with new life through my paintings. When I create such a piece, I wish to convey the emotions I feel for the scene to the viewer. I want them to be an active participant in my joy, my melancholy, my humor, my nostalgia. Through my textures, layers, earth-tones, and choice of images, I strive to convey these feelings. To me, the process of creating a work is transcendental. I am completely lost in the making, I am part of each piece.

My goal is to create and master my craft, not just in the painting but in the feelings I’ve described in the previous paragraph to the viewer. Eliciting emotion will make the piece and my goal complete as a work of art. Communicating on a visual emotional level is akin to how music touches your spirit, your very soul.

Creating art for me is an embodiment of what I’m made of, it’s meditation for my psyche.


Oil Painters Of America / Awards 

Portrait Society of America / Awards 

St. Augustine Art Association / Award

Red Sable Art Workshops in Oil painting in Portrait, Stil life, Landscape

New Bedford Museum of Art Instructed Adult Oil Painting

Copley Society of Art Boston, MA 

Society of Illustrators NCY, NY / Awards

Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

Numorous gallery shows through the years

Gallery Representations Past & Present:

Aviles Street Gallery 11C Aviles Street St. Augustine, FL 

Northlight Gallery 33 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport Maine

True North Fine Art Studio Gallery 27 Dock Square, Kennebunkport Maine

Duff Gallery 24 Centre Street New Bedford MA

Lost Art Gallery 210 Saint George St. St. Augustine FL 

Private Collections:

Quinsigamond Community College - Library permanent collection - Worcester, MA - 2005

Private Collection of Mr. Richard McKenzie, Founder Seven Bridges Foundation, 

Greenwich CT - 2013 -