MARCI OLESZKIEWICZ  - "Grapefruit Breakfast" - 16x12" - $2,000.     Available for presale but remaining through end of show 12.16.17

Marci Oleszkiewicz grew up in the city of Chicago in a family of four. Her mother home schooled all four children where each child's gifts were nurtured and encouraged. Marci's father was a carpenter and there wasn't a moment where he was not renovating or workingon some project for their home. Looking back Marci attributes much of her creativity to seeing her father always working on something, creating something out of nothing. Seeing my Dad's work ethic and learning from my Mom the value of self discipline as a home schooler, I believe gave me some of the foundational tools I would need later in life to succeed as an artist.”

Marci's passion for art was inspired at a young age. As a child, she remembers sittingat her little desk making pictures. “It seemed I often communicated visually. Whether it wasin a Christmas card to family or a personal journal entry, there was always a drawing to befound. I remember imagining my little creations coming alive as I made the final touches.” Although she has been studying art and painting for some time, it was in 2007 whenthings started to move forward and she began to see what the future might hold for her as an artist. Upon entering several art competitions Marci was not only accepted in two of the top shows, but also received very substantial awards from both. An award of excellence from the OPA and the best of show award from the AIS. Not long after, she was included in Southwest Art Magazine's 21 under 31 and had her first show at Gallery Russia in Scottsdale, AZ. “Receiving so many incredible honors, one after another, really encouraged and pushed me into becoming a full time painter.” Since then Marci has continued to paint full time, focusing on her annual show. “I am always so encouraged to hear the response from my collectors every year, how they connect and are so touched by what I paint. It is my goal as an artist to do just that, to create works that resonate with the hearts of others, to speak clearly and deeply to the innermost being. To capture moments of life on canvas that convey beauty and wonder, joy and sorrow, love and truth. I've heard it said “if you paint from the heart, you will reach the heart of your view,” and that is my hope.

Recent Awards                                                                         2016 Richeson School and Gallery, Portrait/Figurative  competition, Honorable Mention

2016 OPA Regional show, Gold Medal Award

2015 OPA Salon Show, Silver Medal Award

2015 OPA Spring online Showcase, 3rd place Award

2015 OPA Summer online Showcase, 1st place Award

2015 Art Renewal Center 2015 International Salon, Finalist

Recent Exhibitions:

2017 Gallery Russia, Solo Show, Scottsdale, AZ

2017 Randy Rigby Gallery, AIS “Impressions: small works showcase”, Costa Mesa, CA

2017 Richseon School of Art and Gallery, small works 2017, Kimberly, WI

2016 Castle Gallery Fine Art, Holiday Show, Fort Wayne, IN

2016 Waterhouse Gallery, Anniversary Show, Santa Barbara, CA.