Workshop with


Ann Larsen 



from your photographic References



Feb 20, 2025 - Feb 22, 2025


9 - 4pm



Location: Studio


Tuition: $595

(50% deposit required to register)



As plein air painters, sometimes we must use photographs to  develop our paintings. We just can't always be in a location where we want to be due to traffic, weather or other hazards. So, we snap a photo and intend to use it to develop a painting. Unfortunately, when we get back to our studios those photos look less like what drew our attention in the first place. So, how do we use that information to create a work of art, and not just copy the photographs? 


This workshop will help you create paintings from your photo references without just copying the image. We will explore the use of sketches to develop a composition, learn how to determine the correct values and colors and how to translate that all into a painting. Photographs give us information that isn't necessary true. Knowing how to interpret that information and use it correctly will be the focus of the 3-day workshop.


As artists we are creating works of art rather than just rending what is in front of us. Hopefully, by the end of the workshop you will have a clearer understanding of how to make those works of art from the use of your photographs. 


Afterall, seeing like an artist is what it is all about! 


Ann larsen 


museum exhibition:

Salmagundi Club, NYC, All About Winter, 2022

California Art Club 111th Gold Medal Exhibition, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA 2022  

Solo Exhibition, VIEW Center for the Arts, Old Forge, NY 2022 

Steamboat Art Museum,  Steamboat Springs, CO, American Women Artists Rockwell Museum, Perspectives of the American Experience, American Women Artists, Corning, NY 2018 

Events and Awards Solo Exhibit, Eden Compton Studio & Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY 2022 



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