Workshop with



Christopher E. Groves


modernizing the Traditional  landscape



Oct 31, 2024 - Nov 2, 2024


9 - 4pm



Location: Studio




Tuition:  SOLD OUT

(50% deposit required to register)


Modernizing the Traditional Landscape is a reinterpretation of artists elements and principles typically used in classical art technique and theory.  We will introduce methods from a variety of previous artists movements in order to modernize our current "classical" ideas and landscape painting application process. Understanding a specific common philosophy or goals within movements such as Impressionism, Tonalism, and Abstraction; in-combination with Traditional-Realism, will allow the painter to explore and translate their art into a more personal and contemporary manner initially based off academic ideas.


 Renovating and Updating

Class will cover topics and materials, color-palette, mark-making, and composition design. Various techniques of drawing along with preliminary sketches, value, and color studies, and fundamentals of color mixing in order to prepare for the final painting will also be reviewed. Updating the Classical approach of monochromatic under painting, direct observation and brush and tool application of color, followed by glazing techniques, will also be discussed and shown. 


Class will consist of lectures, slide analysis, and individual critiques, while the student paints his or her own landscape. 


Students should bring their own landscape reference photos. 



Christopher E. Groves - OPA, ASMA



Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

CA Atelier Colorado - Classical Academy (2001 - 2004)

Lead Landscape Instructor CA Atelier Colorado (2004 - 2008)

Colorado University, BF Environmental Design/Architecture


Professional Affiliations: 

OPA - Oil Painters of America - Signature Membership

AIS - American Impressionist Society

ASMA - American Society of Marine Artists - Signature Membership


Honors and Awards: 

  • AMA International Juried Exhibition 2021, Global Exhibit 
  • ASMA 18th National Juried Exhibition, 2020-2022, 5 USA Museum Tours
  • OPA Eastern Juried Exhibition 2020, Charleston, SC
  • AMA National Juried Exhibition 2018, Principle Gallery, Charleston, SC
  • OPA National Juried Exhibition 2018, Steamboat Art Museum, Colorado  



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