Our world is comprised of three dimensions. We navigate through this natural space physically and visually, moving and perceiving in all directions;

Up-and-down, side-to-side, and back-and-forth. This is the space of realty as we know it to be.

Emotionally, we hold this reality or space to our memory by constant reflection of the past, encountering the present, and envisioning the future.

Sensations created through time from memory of color, shape, form, and personal experience, to name a few.

This space is our Abstract, two-dimensional world as we know it to be.

This show is an attempt to bring together these two worlds. To examine how Realism and Abstraction can inter-mingle and co-exist together within a

single picture plane. 2D vs 3D. Pushing the viewer to navigate through this journey hinted with truth and theory. Offering a challenge to place personal history and experience within each painting in order to evoke independent memories, emotions, senses, and thoughts.

These paintings are meant to fuse this visual illusion, or ‘pictorial-space’.